Globalserve International Network (GIN) is a network of professionals worldwide, comprised of accountants, lawyers, attorneys, tax consultants, bankers, investment financial advisors and business consultants.

GIN provides education, training, representation and networking for its members.

By becoming a member of GIN you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. become a member of  Globalserve International Network (GIN), an international network of independent professionals in the area of Tax services, giving you the umbrella for your international operations and offering networking opportunities with professionals worldwide

2. we provide you with professional knowledge, support and advice in choosing the most appropriate jurisdiction and vehicle, setting up the most efficient structure for  your client and offering full range supportive services for the management of the company

3. we support you with international tax advisory services, access to the double tax treaties and tax systems of various countries.

4. we offer you discounted preferential pricing

5. through us you have access to the most popular jurisdictions for the registration and management of companies, funds, foundations and bank account opening

6. we keep you updated with the most recent business developments through:

–   The organization of International Conferences and seminars

–  Publications distributed to GIN members and uploaded to the official Globalserve International Network  website

–  Distribution of Globalserve Newsletter and Globalserve Updates


The Globalserve International Network is being administrated by Globalserve Consultants Ltd