Cyprus E-business opportunities


E-Commerce is an expanding business worldwide. An unlimited number of goods and services may be dealt or provided through the web.

The most important ones are the following:

  • Website supply and maintenance
  • Software’s updates and maintenance
  • Supply of images, typescripts and information accessible from databases
  • Music, movies, games and political, cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific and entertainment emissions or manifestations
  • E-learning
  • Telecommunications
  • Call Centre
  • E-billing
  • Electronic tickets

The absence of restrictions towards physical borders in the case of E-Commerce Business, offers the flexibility to the companies engaged in E-Commerce to select a strategic place to establish down the company, taking into account its competitiveness, specifically to the reduction of the tax burden.

Cyprus experience:

Every single country that aims at attracting foreign investment desires to propose the most auspicious environment to the implementation and development of e-commerce business. Cyprus is an ideal international business jurisdiction which offers unique conditions for the provision of these sorts of services and setting up E-Commerce Business. Several corporations related to e-commerce already operate in Cyprus: telecommunication companies, web designers, computer and information systems, consulting companies.

Tax advantages offered by Cyprus

  • Only 10% corporation tax-the lowest rate in the EU
  • Exemption from tax of dividend income, in most cases
  • Exemption from tax of profits generated from transactions in shares, securities bonds and units
  • Exemption from withholding tax on the repatriation income either in the form of dividends, interest and on almost all royalties
  • Extensive double tax treaties network
  • Access to EU directives
  • No thin capitalization rules
  • Absence of Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rules thus exemption foreign income received
  • Flexible reorganization rules and group relief provisions
  • VAT related advantages; the applicable Cyprus VAT rate is at 15%, the lowest in EU
  • Intercomunal transactions between European companies belonging in different European States are at zero VAT. Therefore, if the E-Commerce Business is outside Europe, then by providing services to European country they must charge the VAT of the country of the consumer. So by using a Cyprus company the VAT applied will be the Cyprus VAT at 15% which is the lowest in Europe while the Cyprus company will provide the services at zero VAT to other European companies.

Other advantages Cyprus offers

  • Member of the European union
  • Strategic location
  • High standard of business environment
  • Tax system in full conformity to European law & OECD directives against harmful tax practices
  • Reputable and longstanding international business centre with stable and committed policy towards international business companies
  • Tax on income earned outside Cyprus is applied only to Cyprus tax residents
  • Non tax residents do not pay tax on their income earned outside Cyprus
  • Tax on income earned in Cyprus  is always taxed
  • A company which is not tax resident of Cyprus is tax exempt from income earned outside Cyprus
  • An example is that instead of using as trade agent an offshore company you can use a Cyprus non resident
  • Cyprus is applied to all

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