Unification of BOC and ex-Laiki computer systems_Official announcement

Unification of BOC and ex-Laiki computer systems

Dear customers,

With regards to the upcoming transfer (migration) of ex-Laiki Bank accounts to Bank of Cyprus systems that will take place between 06/06/2014-09/06/2014, we are communicating with you in order to remind you of the various issues that affect this transfer.

For all the below, personalized letters have been sent to ex-Laiki clients and announcements have been made through the press and electronic channels of the bank.______________________________________

Availability of exLaiki eBank and BOC 1bank during the period 06/06/2014- 09/06/2014

Please note that due to the transfer of accounts of ex Laiki Bank to the Bank of Cyprus systems, the availability of Laiki eBank and 1bank will be affected as follows:

Laiki eBank

Laiki eBank internet service will not be available from 06/06/2014 afternoon, until 09/06/2014 (included).

Important note: On Friday 06/06/2014, the cut off time for same day value payments is at 12 noon.

BOC 1bank

Between 07/06/2014 (afternoon) and 09/06/2014 (afternoon), 1bank will be available (for Bank of Cyprus accounts) excluding the following transactions:

1.    Transfer between my accounts
2.   Transfer to Bank of Cyprus customers
3.   Multiple Payments

Note: Payment Orders for International payments will be available and will be processed on the first business day which is Tuesday 10th June 2014, since Monday 9th June 2014 is a Bank holiday.


New Account numbers

A letter, including an appendix, containing all details of new account numbers, has already been mailed to all ex-Laiki account holders.  The letter contains important information regarding the operation of the accounts after they are transferred to the electronic systems of Bank of Cyprus.

Clients that did not receive the letter yet and want to view a sample can click here.

Important: Ex-Laiki clients that do not receive the personalized letter with the new account numbers by the 10th of June 2014, can view (and save or print) the new account numbers through the 1bank option ‘Balance Overview’.


Money Orders

Inward payment orders that will have the ex-Laiki account number, will be automatically credited into the new account.

Very important: Ex-Laiki clients are kindly requested to inform their clients/associates who remit money to their old accounts, of the new IBAN and the SWIFT/BIC code of Bank of Cyprus (BCYPCY2N).


Electronic Banking services – Internet Banking

Electronic Banking services through the internet, will continue to be available through ‘1bank’.

We have prepared a document with questions/answers (Q&A) to possible queries in relation to the upcoming transfer.

Please click here to find answers to the following questions:

A. General questions

1. When will my subscriptions and / or authorized accounts be transferred from Laiki eBank to 1bank?

2. How will I login for the first time to 1bank and which codes should I use for my login?

3. Will all my connected accounts in Laiki eBank be transferred to 1bank?

4. Will my new codes be used for all 1bank channels?

5. Where can I find instructions for using the 1bank Internet Banking service?

B. Transfers

1. Will my transfer limits change upon transfer to 1bank?

2. Will there be any change on the way I use my token (digipass) device?

3. Will the beneficiary details of my “Beneficiary Lists” be transferred to 1bank?

4. Will I be able to send files for payroll and other payments without any change?

5. Will there be any change on the way I execute my electronic transactions?

6. If I create a utility payment or any other instruction through eBank on the date the Laiki eBank service will be terminated, will this instruction be processed normally?

7. If I create an instruction which needs an approval from another subscriber, will the approver be able to view this instruction and approve it after the termination of Laiki eBank?

C. Other services

1. Will the fax instructions service remain the same?

2. Will there be any changes to the alerts service?

3. How will I continue to perform my eTrading with Laiki Financial Services?

D.New services and functionalities

E.1Bank Demo

Click here to view the 1bank demo.



Debit and Credit cards of ex-Laiki Bank will continue to be valid, using the same personal identification number (PIN).

The cards of ex-Laiki Bank will gradually be replaced with Bank of Cyprus cards in the weeks following the date of the transfer of the accounts.

For more information regarding the usage of card accounts following their transfer  to BOC system, please  click here



For more information with regards to the transfer of ex Laiki accounts to Bank of Cyprus electronic systems, please click here.


Essential Clarification/Reminder

New incoming funds received from abroad directly to the Bank of Cyprus or from local banks, are free of ANY restrictive measures and can be used as usual without any restrictions.

Such funds when transferred within Bank of Cyprus to different entities, maintain their “fresh funds” characteristics.

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