28th September 2010, St Petersburg

Globaslerve Consultants Ltd organized a whole day international conference on “International Tax Planning in Turbulent Markets” at Grand Europe Hotel in St Petersburg on the 28th September 2010.

On the day of the conference, 100 participants attended the conference in order to be updated and be advised of the benefits and uses of various jurisdictions as useful vehicles towards an effective international tax planning approach.

Following the versatile international market trends in the middle of the economic crisis Glboaslerve felt the need to organize this conference in order to provide a better insight on the benefits of international tax planning on the role and use of companies from different jurisdictions in the light of the changing environment and to have the opportunity to be educated by sharing the experiences of accredited professionals and business people. The professionals attended were from a variety of international jurisdictions as well as Russia.

The high caliber speakers enlightened the audience and proposed their own approach and shared their experiences within their field of expertise. This had as a result for the business meetings that took place at the end of the conference to have an increased demand as the audience was triggered by the presentations and a lot of issues were raised for discussion and advice.

Furtherer more, the conference was supported by 2 dinner events, one the night before the conference acting as a welcoming event and one on the conference day acting as a farewell party. This gave the participants the opportunity to further develop their relationships and expand on the opportunities for cooperation. In addition, the delegates had the chance to see the beautiful city of St Petersburg by joining the city tour organized, and spent memorable time at the historic Grand Hotel Europe.